Corporation Planning and Management

  • Prerequisites

– A degree in media plus 2 years of experience
– Five years of experience for non-media graduates

  • Course Description

Media corporations are as important as any other professional corporation operating in any specialty. But given the complications faced by the media producer and the difficulty of achieving his/her goals and objectives, the media corporations need strategic planning and systematic management more than any other corporation. This is of utmost importance as it helps them maintain and develop their performance, always oriented towards their strategic goals and in compliance with the principles of the professional media and their ethical conventions. This course is designed to enhance the awareness of the importance of planning for media corporations and their management in a way that guarantees the achievement of their goals. The course will also help the staff acquire the required knowledge and skills to do so in the light of the basics and the known professional phases used in project’s planning and management.

  • Course Objective

understand the importance of planning for media corporations, its reasons and effects of its absence
– Be familiar with the basics and the knowledge required for the planning and management of the media corporations.
– Know the basic phases of media corporation planning and management
– Acquire the skills for preparing constituent and operational plans for media corporations
– Be familiar with the basics and phases of media content planning
– Acquire the skills for strategic planning of the media content
– Understand the phases of media corporation management
– Gain the perception of complementary management and acquire the required skills for it
– Know the types of managers and the pros and cons regarding each type
– Understand the characteristics and skills of the smart manager
– Become familiar with the practices of the smart management and acquire its skills.

  • Course Outline

– Basic introduction to media and planning
– Types of media corporations based on property, objectives, means and content
– Media communication: communication level, media communication square, popularity and influence
– Basic role and mission of media
– Types of media contents
– Principles and ethics of media
– The concept of planning and its importance
– Relationship between the planning and the management
– Types and levels of planning
– Planning phases for corporations and projects
– The smart planning
– Reasons for media corporations’ planning
– Effects of absence of planning in the media corporations
– The panning team
– Management of planning, duration, timing and place
– Planning phases of media corporations
– Phase 1 : Preparing the project
– Phase 2 : planning of media corporation
– Project analysis
– Planning of the governing document
– Planning of the general frame of the corporation
– Preparing the constituent plan
– The operation plan
– Phase 3: planning of the media content
– Concept of content planning
– Basics of content planning
– Production basics of content planning
– Phases of media corporation management
– The concept of management and its importance
– Management areas
– Current management trends
– Management duties
– Tools of modern management
– The smart management:
– The concept of smart management
– The link between the management and the brain
– Management of the emotional intelligence
– The smart manager in the media environment
– Practices of the smart management in the media environment

  • Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Oakridge Academy.