Crisis Media Management


  • Prerequisites

– A degree in Media, Management or Marketing
– Public Relations professionals

  • Course Description

“Media is the spearhead in dealing with crisis response” According to reality, organizations and states cannot escape crisis. So what is required from the media body generally represented by the Public Relations department during crisis? Shall they isolate or hide their entities form the media? Shall they change the truth; involve ourselves in self-deception and not recognizing the facts? Or shall they hide behind weak and unnecessary justifications. Modern organizations are nowadays building their strategies on anticipating crisis before they occur and preparing virtual plan to cope with it rather than waiting for surprises. This training course is dealing with all these aspects through the latest methods of media crisis management.

  • Course Objective

At the end of this session, course participants should be able to
– Understand the importance of Public Relations in crisis management
– Understand the crisis causes and types and precisely define them
– Be able to anticipate the crisis before it occurs and prepare essential plans

  • Course Outline

– Introduction and basic concepts
– The role of the Public Relations and Communication Department in crisis management
– Crisis: causes and types
– Basic methods to be observed when designing a Crisis Management Media Plan

– Phases of Crisis Management
– Planning for a crisis before it occurs
– The crisis management team
– Planning for crisis communication
– Strategies of media management of crisis
– How to deal with the media during crisis
– Management of crisis press conferences
– Using social media and new media in crisis communications

– After the crisis
– Assessing the strategy of media crisis management
– Description and lessons learned from the output

  • Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Oakridge Academy.