Information Security

  • Prerequisites

– Basic computer usage knowledge
– A curious mind.

  • Course Description

This course is designed for everyone who is interested in understanding how to protect themselves and their data, computers and phones from hackers. We dive into how hackers think and operate, what they target and why they do it, tools they use, and finally mechanisms and techniques to protect ourselves. We will show hacking demos to gain better understanding of how hacks are performed, and finally we will share what ethical hacking is and how to become one.

  • Course Objective

– To learn how to be protect data, computers, phones from hackers.
– To know how hackers think, what they target, and why they do it.
– To know what ethical hacking is and how it functions.

  • Course Outline

– Lesson 1: Hackers and hacking
– Lesson 2: Desktop security
– Lesson 3: Password security
– Lesson 4: Social engineering
– Lesson 5: Social media security
– Lesson 6: Viruses and Malicious software
– Lesson 7: Data protection, privacy and anonymity
– Lesson 8: Phone security
– Lesson 9: Ethical Hacking
– Lesson 10: Advanced topics

  • Course Benefits

Trainees will get accredited graduation certificate from Oakridge Academy.