Media Content Strategic Planning

  • Prerequisites

– Two years of work experience for holders of university degree in Media
– Five years of work experience for holders of university degree related to other disciplines

  • Course Description

The media content is the main product of the media industry and is the very mean by which the goals and the strategic objectives of the media corporation towards its audience are achieved. In other words, it is the element for which media organizations are allocating their budgets. Therefore, strategic planning of media content can help the media organization to set out in details the content which can achieve its goals and objectives according to systematic basics, phases and determinants that should leave no room for anarchy, improvisation or personal mood.

  • Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
– Understand the production basics and phases of media content planning
– Identify the concept of the media organization identity and how to set plans
– Gain the skills of media content strategic planning
– Gain the planning skills for campaigns and special coverage
– Gain the planning skills for various forms of production units
– Gain regular strategic planning skills of program series
– Gain methodology skills of the media content
– Gain the skills of preparing the broadcast general schedule

  • Course Outline

– Basic introduction on media and planning
– Types of media organizations
– Media communications
– Media missions
– Types of media content
– Principles of media work
– Concept of planning and its connections with management
– Types and levels of planning
– Smart planning requirements
– Planning team, planning environment and planning management
– Reasons for planning
– Effects of absence of planning
– Projects’ planning and management phases
– Concept of media content strategic planning
– Concept of media content strategic planning
– Importance of the media content strategic planning
– Effects of absence of media content strategic planning
– Basics of media content planning
– Definition of the media organization
– The message
– The vision
– Media main objectives
– Sub-objectives
– Institutional values
– Identity
– Production basics of media content planning
– Missions
– Audience
– Subject scope
– Geographic scope
– Artistic templates
– Production unit
– Production location
– Type of broadcast
– Time per unit
– Phases of media content strategic planning
– Defining the production basics
– Distributing the weekly broadcast sessions on the production basics
– Distributing mission sessions to production units
– Preparing the general scope of broadcast
– Planning of the production units
– Planning of episodes
– Preparing the weekly broadcast schedule
– Preparing the program planning card
– Preparing the periodic plans
– Preparing the contingency plans
– Episodes planning
– Periodic plans for production units (programs, news, etc.)
– Planning for the media organization identity

  • Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Oakridge Academy.