Media Skills for Diplomats

  • Prerequisites

Employees at diplomatic missions, or individuals who have a sincere desire to work in diplomatic service or political sphere

  • Course Description

The diplomatic work requires acquisition of a diverse range of skills that help diplomats perform several tasks effectively, prominent of which are media skills. This course is designed to familiarize participants with how to deal with the media, direct the media discourse, statements and interviews and face the camera, so as to meet challenges and crisis that face diplomats.

  • Course Objective

At the end of this session, course participants should be able to:
– Identify the importance of the media
– Understand the role of communication and media in the diplomatic field
– Areas of diplomatic media activity
– How to handle media planning for the diplomatic work
– Understand the distinction between public and media discourse and their characteristics
– Identify the types of media organizations and how to deal with them

  • Course Outline

– The diplomatic work environment and fields and the importance of the media in its functions
– Media work environment, institutions and stages
– Media work areas, characteristics and stages
– Personality of the journalist, his methods, approaches and nature of work
– Areas of diplomatic engagement with the media
– Practical skills for coping with the media

  • Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Oakridge Academy.