Stills Photography

  • Prerequisites

– High School

  • Course Description

“Photography is the icon of reality” Ronald Mountain Stills Photography is not simply a camera that everyone can buy and it is not simply pushing a button to shoot souvenir pictures. In spite of its apparent simplicity, stills photography is a noble art requiring a lot of technical and aesthetic skills in order to achieve creativity and the capability to shoot the reality with spontaneity and credibility. This training course will expose participants to the basics of stills photography and will help them to deeply understand it to enable them to record the reality around them in a more aesthetic and profitable way.

  • Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should:
– Become familiarized to the art of stills photography, understand its fundamentals and know its principal elements and tools.
– Cultivate the basics of the visual culture in youth in order to create a generation which is able to contribute to the world creativity and arts.

  • Course Outline

– General introduction:
– Definition of the concept of the art of stills photography
– The philosophic and aesthetic difference between stills and motion pictures
– The difference between digital cameras and filming cameras and types of cameras
– The concept of art and reality in stills photography
– Types of photography
– Shooting techniques
– Introducing the stills photography tools
– Introducing the camera components
– The tripod
– Camera settings
– Types of lenses, differences between them and uses
– ISO and white balance
– The concept of nature lighting and artificial lighting and how to use them
– Aesthetics and creativity in photography
– The visual composition
– The elements of image attractiveness
– Understanding the criteria of picture quality
– Handling the common mistakes in stills photography

  • Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Oakridge Academy.