TV Reporter

  • Prerequisites

– A university degree in journalism
– A one year experience in journalism at least for those who did not graduate from a media institution

  • Course Description

Wherever there is the human-being with his joys and his sorrows and wherever there are important events or raging conflicts, there is the reporter. He is the eye with which we see these events and the ear with which we hear about them. He is that person who defies the odds and does not -very often- care about the dangers he might face, just to tell us the truth. In fact, TV reporting is one of the most physically taxing television jobs, but certainly one of the most exciting and interesting ones. This training course is especially designed to arm those wishing to do this job with the necessary professional tools of journalism, whether written or visual, to enable them to convey the truth from the field to the public with honesty and objectivity.

  • Course Objective

At the end of this course the participants should:
– Understand the nature of the reporter’s role and his work in the field as well as his tools and responsibilities
– Learn the foundations and principles of writing a TV report
– Be able to prepare and produce TV reports from the field

  • Course Outline

– Introduction to TV work fundamentals
– Principles and ethics of journalism
– Characteristics of TV journalism
– Different TV news formats and packaging
– Relationship between the reporter and the rest of the team ( photographer, the picture editor (
– TV news Production
– TV reporting mechanisms
– How to make a report from the field
– How to conduct interviews for television reports ( form and content)
– Creative and technical skills
– Basic technical principles of photography and image editing
– Visual configuration
– Importance of natural sounds in the TV report
– Watching and analyzing some press reports
– Writing for the picture
– Parallel TV news types
– Diction skills and piece to Camera
– The reporter’s live TV message DTL (Down the Line)
– Walk and Talk
– First Person Story
– Emergent problems and how to deal with them

  • Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Oakridge Academy.